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The principle of the solar aerator is based on flowing construction with installed photovoltaic panels. Each panel is equipped with its own system of accumulation. This system enables an island-kind of operation for the whole device and maximal possible effectivity during the whole day. The energy saved in batteries is able can keep the device operating for 5 days in case of inappropriate climatic conditions. On the other hand it is necessary to mention, that in case of such inappropriate climatic conditions the production supplied only by photovoltaic panels, can cover 20% of rated power.

The device is able to operate both in summer and winter. During summer, the air from area of shaded safe lagoon is introduced into water (aerated). The temperature of surface beneath the device is, thanks to the design, lower than temperature of surface in surrounding area. That leads to increased local absorption of oxygen. Even the difference of 1°C in temperature of water influences the ability of water to absorb oxygen. Thanks to shaded lagoon there is no useless heating of already aerated water. During winter, the warmer water from the bottom is sucked so it does not get frozen around the aerator.

The designed construction of floater stops solid particles from getting close to the aerator. The device is very stable on the water surface thanks to the floater and it resists to inappropriate wind conditions well. The device is completely autonomous and enables its installation anywhere on the water surface, including national parks and protected landscape areas. The device is also equipped with a special aerator that also aerate water but in a more careful way. This aerator is more careful especially in shallow waters and reeds where it does not make any damage to spawns and little foetuses.

The device can be eventually equipped with a monitoring system that provides the user with actual values (amount of oxygen dissolved, temperature of water, wind conditions, video records, etc.). Monitoring unit enables connection to an external internet site with a possibility to save, share and analyse received data in real time while the control of the aerator is very simple and intuitive. Hardware is possible to enhance with other acoustic and visual devices (for example devices for scaring birds).

Advantages of our equipment

Advantages in breeding pond areas - Optimization of aeration of breeding waters shall, at the end, improve the efficiency of fish feeding, reduce their mortality and bring overall improvement of farm efficiency by improving oxygen conditions in critical stages. In general it can be said that fish welfare can improve, efficiency of fish feeding can improve and thus the environmental burden will be lower.

Energy balance - Our device has reduced energy consumption (consumption of 0.12 kW), and the efficiency is comparable to conventional aerators with much bigger power consumption. Operation is provided by a renewable energy source with zero CO2 production. Operation is completely autonomous.

Fish farming considerate and adjustable working mode - The whole structure does not have any sharp edges that could cause damage to fish or other living organisms.

The materials used are environmental-friendly and suitable for use in drinking water reservoirs.

Installation on water surface is very simple. The device can be secured with corresponding anchorages. The construction itself eliminates the possibility of theft of the device.


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