Patented frequency converter

A specially developed frequency converter is used to accurately determine the optimum engine speed in your power plant.

Many hydropower plants are install with old or inappropriately selected types of turbines that originally served elsewhere or under other conditions. These machines usually work with a bad speed, which greatly reduces their efficiency and the performance they could actually achieve. Optimizing the speed of the water engine is also important during change the flow of water or a change in gradient level of water. It is not necessary to change the entire turbine or other machinery. The optimization of the speed of the water engine can be easily achieved by the four-quadrant frequency inverter developed by "HYDROSERVIS-UNION pro s.r.o.". This inverter is able to optimize and manage power generation both in  small hydropower plants and large dams. This technology improves the performance of water motors, without structural modifications. The inverter is designed to control the  hydropower plant as a whole, but can also serve as a mobile analyzer. The result is a 15 to 45% higher efficiency of electricity generation from a renewable source and higher profit from the hydropower plants.


The frequency inverter replaces the complete control system of the power plant and the power part of the wiring

The inverter also solves the following elements:

  • compensation
  • phasing
  • voltage regulation
  • check network status

The inverter works in synergy with the PLC programmed for automatic fault condition control:

  • level regulation
  • temperature control of individual machine components
  • hydraulic oil pressure
  • belt breakage
  • control of the position of the locks
  • automation of the rake machine
  • etc .;


The inverter is not recommended to be combined with the existing water engine control system

  • in this case, we recommend using the inverter in the form of a mobile analyzer, which is provided by our company as a service to the operators of the hydropower plant to measure and optimize the speed of the water engine

In addition, it is not recommended to install the inverter into an excessively dusty environment due to fouling of the radiator

Our method is suitable for any type of turbine, does not interfere with machinery or wiring and is protected by a patent.

If you are interested in the frequency inverter, please do not hesitate to call and arrange for metering or sightseeing of the small hydroelectric power plants of HYDROSERVIS-UNION pro s.r.o with an example of our work.

Viktor Korbel
Director of Hydroservis-Union pro s.r.o.



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