The company "HYDROSERVIS-UNION a.s.." was established in the South Bohemian Region in 2012. The company solves problem of renewable energy sources especially small hydropower plants.

Our company offers a complete answer in the field of water engines and hydroelectric power plants. We are able to design, manufacture and install various types of hydromotors from water wheels to water turbines. We specialize in the repair and maintenance of water motors and other machinery for the hydroelectric power plants. We provide the production of steel construction and accessories for hydroelectric power plants (grate retaining dirt, floodgate, etc.). We provide automation of hydroelectric power plants operation, optimization of hydroelectric power plants operation using a frequency inverter, remote supervision.

We are company engaged in drafting of the innovations for hydropower plants with realization. Our company has developed a patented device to determine the optimal operating speed of the turbine. This device works not only as a measuring instrument, but can also be used as the main control unit of the whole power plant. More information...

We solve automation devices, PLC programming and technical documentation for hydropower plants, including inspections of electrical equipment. We provide consulting services in the field of renewable energy legislation.

We provide installation of photovoltaic and wind power plants for domestic use. We also deal with issues of licenses and building permits.

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Hydroservis Union a.s.
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